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Chandan Economics is a leading provider of data and analytics to commercial real estate lenders, investors, and policymakers. Chandan maintains one of the real estate industry’s broadest databases of commercial property mortgages originated from across all major debt sources — by banks, life companies, and agency and conduit lenders.

What Factors Impact Where Seniors Rent?

By: Chandan Economics

2 days ago

a look at where senior renters are moving

Our research illustrates that senior rental location preferences are strongly segmented along both age subgroups and by housing costs. Metro market size also plays a large role. Read More

How Does Building Age Impact Multifamily Rents?

By: Chandan Economics

2 weeks ago

When it comes to apartments, general wisdom says that the newer the building, the higher the rent. This holds true until you reach the ‘prewar’ vintage, which can approach new inventory rent rates for smaller properties. Read More

How Workforce Renters Vary by Metro Areas

By: Chandan Economics

1 month ago

The composition of the American workforce varies significantly by metro market, and can include the public sector, local serving jobs as well as younger technology workers. In this post we’ll take a look at how small properties service the housing needs of the workforce in different cities.
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The Role of Small Apartment Properties in Workforce Housing Affordability

By: Chandan Economics

3 months ago

The growing lack of affordability within U.S. rental housing has led to the creation of new loan programs aimed at strengthening and preserving the existing stock of multifamily that’s affordable for the workforce. It turns that a large portion of housing suitable for the workforce is found in smaller apartment properties with between 5 and 50 units.

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