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Chandan Economics is a leading provider of data and analytics to commercial real estate lenders, investors, and policymakers. Chandan maintains one of the real estate industry’s broadest databases of commercial property mortgages originated from across all major debt sources — by banks, life companies, and agency and conduit lenders.

Are Small Asset Apartments Still Gentler on the Wallet?

By: Chandan Economics

2 weeks ago

Multifamily investors can look to small apartment buildings to attract renters looking for value.

Though income improvement has recently surpassed rent growth, new research finds that small properties (5 to 49 units) continue to provide a relatively more affordable option compared to large apartment buildings.

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How Do Rents Vary by Apartment Property Age?

By: Chandan Economics

3 months ago

Older properties rent for less — but can offer value for tenants and investors alike.

In the age when people camp outside for days to get their hands on the latest iPhone, it should come as no surprise that some renters are always willing to pay premiums to live in the newest apartment properties. Read More

Solar Heating Trends in Small Apartment Buildings

By: Chandan Economics

5 months ago

Rooftop Solar

On-site solar heating systems are a nascent phenomenon for the nation’s apartment inventory. Although the penetration of these systems in small properties is currently much lower than at large properties, it is growing at a relatively faster pace.

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