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Chandan Economics is a leading provider of data and analytics to commercial real estate lenders, investors, and policymakers. Chandan maintains one of the real estate industry’s broadest databases of commercial property mortgages originated from across all major debt sources — by banks, life companies, and agency and conduit lenders.

Renter Commute Trends: Growth in Walking, Cycling Outpace Driving

By: Chandan Economics

2 weeks ago

Autonomous vehicle (AV) and ride-share technology have the potential to fundamentally alter the relationship between work and housing locations. But what does today’s commute look like for apartment renters?

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How Does Building Age Impact Multifamily Rents?

By: Chandan Economics

3 months ago

When it comes to apartments, general wisdom says that the newer the building, the higher the rent. This holds true until you reach the ‘prewar’ vintage, which can approach new inventory rent rates for smaller properties. Read More