In Case You Missed It: Week Ending Feb. 10

A look at the hottest rental markets; ‘surban’ investments in high demand; construction starts and CRE prices are up; and what does a wall of maturities mean for multifamily?

Here are the 10 hottest rental markets to make investors’ landlord dreams come true

CNBC – Feb. 8
“Seattle ranked in the Top 3 of the nation’s best markets for rental real estate investors, according to an “opportunity” list from HomeUnion, a single-family-rental acquisition and management company.”

‘Surban’ Investment Suffers from Short Supply

National Real Estate Investor – Feb. 7
“’Surban’ may become an important word for real estate investors this year. It’s short for “close-in” suburbs next to major cities, and surban locations are where much of the 25- to-34-year-old cohort is looking to live”

Commercial and Multifamily Construction Starts Rose in Most Top U.S. Metropolitan Areas in 2016

MultifamilyBiz – Feb. 9
“Eight of the next nine metropolitan areas in the top 10 were able to register double-digit gains during 2016. For the top 20 metropolitan areas, 16 were able to show double-digit gains compared to 2015.”

CRE prices rise to dizzying new heights

Scotsman Guide – Feb. 7
“Over the past 12 months, apartment real estate prices rose 11.4 percent and prices for core commercial assets (office, retail and industrial) rose by 8.2 percent across all markets.”

Wall of Maturities Update: February 2017

Trepp – Feb. 9
“Though risk retention might have started to grab the lion’s share of CMBS headlines last year, the wall of maturities is still one of the most important storylines for the market in 2017.”